About Mannok

The Mannok name is centred around our commitment to our people, our communities and our customers. We pride ourselves on our innovative spirit, environmental focus, exceptional service and quality products and solutions.

We are one of the UK and Ireland’s leading thermoformed food packaging manufacturers. We’ve been producing packaging for a range of markets for over 25 years, earning a reputation for high quality packaging and best in class service. As suppliers of food packaging to many of the biggest food processing companies in the UK and Ireland, and every major UK supermarket, we have the capability and experience to handle the packaging requirements of international players.


We’ve built our organisation on a foundation of quality, which is inherent in every aspect of our business. From the quality of our products and service we deliver, to the internal processes and calibre of our team, excellence is integral to our success.

As a food packaging manufacturer, it is essential that we adhere to the strictest industry standards. To us, this means going beyond the minimum legal requirements, to achieve a standard which is best in class. This culture of quality has been underlined by the achievement of accreditations from globally recognised quality standards bodies.


As a large corporation, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We are passionate about reducing the environmental impact of our company, and of our products. This includes helping our customers to fulfil their obligations under the Courtauld Commitment.

Our Environmental Policy is designed to ensure every area of our business is operating in the most eco-friendly way, and we produce packaging which meets the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and reduced waste.


We don’t stand still. Development and innovation are imbedded in our thinking here at Mannok. This is demonstrated in the significant investment in product development and eco innovation, technology, and people and process development.


We firmly believe in the value of shared expertise; that together, we can achieve more, with greater efficiency. It’s a principle we have adopted throughout the organisation, and one which we believe has strengthened our capabilities and efficiency.

Through a policy of transparency, open communication and involvement, we work closely with all stakeholders, immersing ourselves in our customers’ business to get a greater understanding of the market demands. This approach leads to strong relationships with our customers, their other suppliers, and our machinery partners. The partnerships we form are paramount to delivering excellence, enabling us to be more agile in the delivery of packaging solutions, and ensuring they are the best fit for the customer’s needs.