Packaging Decoration

Your packaging is the most visible representation of your brand, and decoration is critical to creating packaging that makes the right statement about you and your product. That’s why we’ve partnered with Polytype to ensure the highest quality reproduction is available for your product.

Our in-house creative staff will help your products stand out from your competition with professional design and decorating. We’ve been producing and decorating plastic for over 25 years, including some of the UK’s most distinctive and recognisable branded packaging.

Dry Offset Printing

The use of dry offset printing is best suited for economically decorating packaging in large commercial quantities, delivering high quality prints with sharp, clean images and type, with the ability to print up to 8 colours.


We also offer customers adhesive label application on thermoformed products, such as dairy spread containers.

Injection Moulded IML Labelling

For injection moulded dairy spread containers, the Injection Moulded IML  process applies the label to the finished product in the moulding process, ensuring a high photo-quality finish.

The result is a package with consistently high image quality, clean, sharp lettering, vibrant colours and a durable, long-lasting finish that’s suitable for even the most demanding end uses.

Dry Offset Printing Process

The offset printing process allows the coloured ink to be applied directly to the plastic surface of the packaging, eliminating the need for adhesive labels. Dry offset printing is a dry printing process, where multiple ink rollers are used to distribute and homogenise the ink.

The ink is first transferred to the offset plate, which in turn transfers it onto the blanket covering the offset cylinder.

The plastic packaging is then pressed against the offset cylinder by the impression cylinder, transferring the ink onto the paper to form the printed image.