Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding IML

We use injection moulding IML technology to manufacture food packaging for the UK and Irish markets. Injection moulded packaging is often chosen for the precision in design, which gives the packaging a high quality finish, perfect for luxury foods and top quality brands. The in-mould labelling (IML) process ensures photo-quality finish on the product.

We’ve partnered with Netstal, one of the world’s leading providers of premium high-performance and high-speed injection moulding IML technology, to ensure efficient production of quality injection moulded packaging. This technology, combined with over 25 years of in-house expertise, enables us to manufacture bespoke high-precision, food grade injection moulded packaging on a large scale.

The Injection Moulding IML Process

The raw plastic, or resin material, is first fed into the hopper, which funnels it into the injection barrel, or the heating barrel.

The plastic is heated in the injection barrel, and then fed to the mould via the nozzle, using high pressure injection.

The plastic is at the right temperature for appropriate viscosity when it is transferred to the mould to be reshaped, taking on the shape of the mould. The mould is held tightly closed by the clamp system at this stage of the process. Whilst in the mould, the label is applied, inseparably linking it to the finished part before the mould opens and ejects the newly shaped plastic product.

Injection moulding IML differs from other plastic packaging manufacturing techniques in that it performs the process of producing the finished plastic product, with the label in place in one single step. This ensures the label takes the shape of the entire product, and allows for superior quality decoration.