The markets we work in are constantly evolving, as our customers face new challenges, and changing demands from consumers and retailers. Our culture of innovation allows us to stay at the fore when delivering packaging and expertise to meet these demands.

We’ve been innovating for over 25 years, resulting in extensive growth as an organisation, market leading product developments and significant advancements in the reduction of the environmental impact of our products

State of the Art Technology

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading names in packaging machinery, including Kiefel, SML, Polytype and Netstal to ensure we are at the forefront of technological advancement in the manufacturing processes we are involved in.

We’ve also invested heavily in the introduction of technology which sets us apart from many packaging manufacturing companies, giving us greater in-house capabilities and streamlining processes. This includes the integration of patented Vacurema recycling technology in our PET extrusion system, complimented by IV testing technology.

New Product Development

We’ve a proven track record of entering new markets with significant force, and built an impressive portfolio of products across a range of markets, which continues to expand year on year.

Eco Innovation

Our Eco Innovation Team are dedicated to improving the environmental and economic benefits of our products, and have helped us build a reputation as an industry leader in this field.

Colour and Design

We offer an extensive range of packaging design options. Our full product design and development services will help you create bespoke packaging to present your products in the most appealing way.