Mannok provide the main sponsorship for Derrylin O’Connells fundraising event

Mannok have been announced as main sponsors for local GAA club, Derrylin O’Connells 272km Mannok Club to Club Challenge. The event will challenge 25 relay teams to complete a circuit around County Fermanagh with relay changeover points at all 20 clubs in the county. The challenge, which takes place this weekend, will raise funds for the development of Derrylin O’Connells’ grounds, equipment and youth structures.

Participants will compete over a 27-hour period, and as headline sponsors, Mannok will also provide logistical support to the event organisers to ensure a fun and successful event.

Commenting on the sponsorship of the Mannok Club to Club Challenge, Mannok Director, Donal O’Rourke, says:

“We are delighted to partner with a local club on their ambitious fundraising event and we wish all the runners completing 272km around Fermanagh the best of luck. We also wish Derrylin O’Connells GAA Club every success for this fundraising event and for their future development. As a significant employer in this region, we have an important role to play in supporting the community where we live and work, including the support of local clubs and events, such as this unique challenge, which benefits the wider community.”

Chairperson of Derrylin O’Connells GAA Club, Joe Reilly commented on Mannok’s sponsorship, saying:

“We are very grateful to Mannok for their contribution to enable us to hold this important fundraising event. The support of local businesses is crucial for us to organise a safe, well-equipped and successful event which benefits both our organisation and the wider community. It is an ambitious event as it not only takes on a very long distance, but it also involves members running throughout the night to complete the circuit in 27 hours. We wish our members good luck in this challenge and we thank them for taking it on to assist with our club’s development.”

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