Mannok has launched a valuable, online health and fitness platform for its employees by partnering with the fitness and nutrition company, RITE Fitness. Through the new Mannok Online Health & Wellbeing Platform, every staff member at the company now has access to fitness classes, meal and workout plans, training programs and a variety of informative tutorials and seminars to support their physical and mental wellbeing.    

Following a staff induction day, where RITE Fitness hosted informative sessions for all the company’s employees to drop-in at their own leisure for a virtual tour around the platform, each staff member was provided with 24/7 access to the platform.  

The application has a range of resources to support staff both physically and mentally including:  

Commenting on the launch of the new health and wellbeing portal, Caroline McCaffrey, HR Manager of Mannok said,  

“We are delighted to launch the Mannok Online Health & Wellbeing Platform which provides a resource for all our staff to have access to exercise classes and information to support their physical and mental health. 

The safety and wellbeing of our workforce is our most significant priority here at Mannok and given the recent challenges of the Covid pandemic, we recognise now more than ever the importance of supporting our employees’ mental health. Our investment in this portal will benefit both the mental and physical wellbeing of all our staff.  

We encourage all staff to avail of the platform which has carefully planned content which can be tailored for each individual to suit a variety of wellbeing needs.”