D18 37 Sloped Meat Tray

Our D18 37 Sloped Meat Tray is produced to BRC standard using in-house manufactured PET/PE sheet. The tray is available in any colour, and most commonly produced in black.

The D8 37 Sloped Meat Tray can be used to package a variety of meat products, such mince. We manufacture the tray for use in a number of major UK supermarkets.

D18 37 Kebab Tray

We manufacture the D18 37 Kebab Tray for supply to many of the UK’s largest supermarkets. The tray has been designed specifically for the packaging of kebabs, and is made to BRC standard.

The D18 37 Kebab Tray is available in any colour and is most commonly produced in black. This tray is made from in-house manufactured PET/PE thin gauge sheet

D18 45 50 / 50 Split Meat Tray

The D18 45 50/50 Split Meat Tray is split into two even compartments. It is most commonly produced in black, for the packaging of meat with an accompaniment, such as steak with a sauce sachet.

The tray is produced to BRC standard, using PET/PE thin gauge sheet which is manufactured internally.


274mm239mm37mm (Sloped)
274mm 239mm 37mm (Kebab)
274mm 239mm 45mm (50/50 Split)