Recur® by Mannok

Recur by Mannok is a true circular economy food packaging solution made from jazz PET – a mixed coloured PET material derived from recycled post-consumer bottles and PTT (pots, tubs, and trays).

Until now, consumer demand for high clarity clear trays has resulted in a strong industry reliance on recycled post-consumer clear PET bottles. Limited demand for coloured trays has meant that recycled post-consumer PET material, other than clear PET bottles, are often downcycled into non-food packaging applications.

Recur by Mannok has been developed to change this practice and challenges the industry to rethink its position on the recycled material used in food tray manufacturing.

Recur ensures PET food packaging can be easily and continuously recycled back into food packaging providing a more environmentally sustainable solution. By facilitating a higher inclusion level of recycled PTT (pots, tubs, and trays) in PET food packaging, Recur is the ultimate circular economy solution.

All That Jazz

“Jazz” trays, such as Recur, are the future of food packaging trays, and a potential game changer in the industry. As the demand for clear PET bottle flake increases due to commitments by drinks companies to increase the recycled material content in their PET bottles, we risk material shortages and price increases due to overwhelming demand. To mitigate this risk, we must broaden the range of recycled materials we use in our food packaging products.

Recur achieves the same high quality, food grade standards required from our packaging trays, bringing with it a broad range of different coloured packaging products, deviating from the traditional clear trays which rely on clear PET bottle flake to produce. Our supermarket shelves are destined to become a more colourful display, and it’s a change which retailers should be proud to adopt and shoppers should be eager to see, as it is a sign that we are moving towards a more sustainable, true circular economy.

Recur is part of Mannok’s range of sustainable packaging solutions, each one designed to address specific recyclability issues:

  • Recur by Mannok: A true circular economy food packaging solution using jazz PET

Recur by Name…

The name Recur reflects the circular nature of the product which ensures we can recycle the PET food packaging of all colours in our ordinary household recycling waste into new food grade PET food packaging. It’s the perfect name for a product which is eternally renewable, and which revives “jazz PET” for continuous reuse.