Turloc® by Mannok

Turloc by Mannok is a food tray solution that aids recycling by eliminating the requirement for non-recyclable absorbent soaker pads. The tray design enables liquid retention through the incorporation of specialised features in the base of the tray. Liquid which drains from the meat is captured in these retention features ensuring the meat does not sit in the draining liquid for long periods. This helps to maintain product freshness and appearance without the traditional absorbent pad.

Once the meat product is removed from the tray, a quick rinse ensures the tray can be disposed of in the recycle bin, ready for recycling. Absorbent pads traditionally used to capture draining liquid from the meat product are non-recyclable, with new developments still encountering recyclability issues. Using the new Turloc technology eliminates this non-recyclable element, ensuring retailers can offer more sustainable solutions to their customers.

In the UK, an estimated 200 million non-recyclable absorbent soaker pads from meat trays are disposed of each year

We aim to eliminate this landfill waste with our precision designed Turloc meat tray, which is engineered to capture and retain the maximum amount of draining liquid safely and cleanly.

Turloc: Better for Everyone


  • Eliminates the use of natural resources required to produce absorbent soaker pads
  • Removes waste from landfill caused by disposal of non-recyclable soaker pads
  • Contributes to a circular economy, particularly when combined with Mannok’s other sustainable technologies


  • Offer a more sustainable solution to your customers, particularly with Mannok’s combined sustainable technology options
  • No absorbent pads can reduce associated costs
  • Tray strength remains uncompromised
  • Offer a range of sizes, styles and colours to your customers


  • Meet the demand for more sustainable packaging solutions, particularly with Mannok’s combined sustainable technology options
  • Tray weight is unaffected
  • Shelf appeal is maintained with crystal clear clarity, and multiple colour options available
  • Available in a range of tray sizes and styles
  • Helps maintain protein shelf life and organoleptic properties


  • Recycle ready with just a quick rinse
  • No handling of saturated absorbent pad
  • Helps keep meat fresh and tasty


The precision design of Turloc packaging trays can be combined with any of Mannok’s other sustainable technologies to further boost recyclability and help achieve a closed loop process.

Detecta by Mannok

Combine with DETECTA by Mannok

Mannok’s flagship sustainable technology, Detecta, offers the world’s first fully recyclable black trays, which can easily be detected by existing Material Recovery Facilities.

Signum by Mannok

Combine with Signum by Mannok

Mannok’s mono material PET meat tray with adhesive coating on sealing rim, Signum by Mannok.

Orbital by Mannok

Combine with Orbital by Mannok

Created using our sophisticated recycling technology, Orbital is a food grade packaging solution made from 100% recycled material.

Recur by Mannok

Combine with Recur by Mannok

A true circular economy solution, Recur is made from Jazz PET, a mixed coloured PET material derived from recycled post-consumer products and is available in an array of colours.

the Turloc name

The name Turloc is reflective of the precision designed liquid capture features in the base of the tray. It originates from the Irish words “tur”, meaning dry, and “loch”, meaning lake. Combined, the terms make up the Irish word “turlough”, meaning temporary lakes, geographical features which are almost unique to Ireland.

The temporary nature of these seasonal lakes reflects the Turloc trays’ ability to temporarily capture and lock in purged liquid, which is quickly and easily disposed of with a quick rinse of the tray.

The fact that the name derives from a natural occurrence, which provides a unique habitat for rare flora and fauna, reflects the sustainable nature of our Turloc trays and our commitment to protecting the planet through innovative and sustainable product design.